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About Us

Albert Hepp is the Founder and Lead Broker for BuySelf Realty.

  • Among the first flat fee MLS brokers, a pioneer and innovator with Flat Fee Home Sales in Real Estate
  • Experience with thousands of real estate transactions and involved in the transfer of billions of dollars worth of homes.
  • Frequently quoted in industry leading media such as CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, and more.
  • Believes in answering the telephone live and responding to emails within minutes.
  • Consistently recognized for excellence and leadership by peers and industry associations.
  • Committed to serving the community through extensive volunteer and leadership commitments.
  • Earned first real estate license and sold first property in 1989.


Albert is a recognized leader in the real estate industry. Since 1992, Albert has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions involving billions of dollars worth of property. His experience "gives great comfort to BuySelf Realty customers because they know that in the rare event of a problem with their transaction, I have been deeply involved in so many transactions that I will have the knowledge and resources to find a solution." According to Hepp, "Many of our customers choose BuySelf Realty because they want to avoid new companies or Realtors that don't have substantial real estate transaction experience."

Albert is frequently quoted in the leading business and consumer magazines, called on, quoted or featured in publications such as:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • CNN/Money
  • 60 Minutes/CBS News
  • Parents Magazine
  • Money Magazine
  • Inman News
  • Market Watch
  • Real Estate Intelligence Report
  • Reuters News Service
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Denver Post
  • ABC News (KSTP)
  • Angie's List

In 2007, Albert was asked by the U. S. Federal Trade Commission to testify in the landmark Realcomp MLS case, recognizing his expertise, credibility, and national reputation as an innovative real estate broker. Albert has also assisted the U. S. Department of Justice and the Competition Bureau of Canada in its work in the real estate industry.

In 2005, Albert founded the first industry association for flat fee real estate brokers. Well over 100 flat fee brokers in nearly every state are in regular contact with Albert. He has worked in conjunction with other broker innovators for years, often consulted as an expert in business development, MLS relationships and rules, governmental issues, and for real estate laws and regulations.

Albert's work in real estate frequently involves representing the voice of the real estate consumers in areas where the real estate industry has the strongest voice. He has frequently worked with consumer advocacy organizations such as the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), Angie's List, and the American Homeowners Foundation. In 2006, Albert consulted with the U. S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee in preparation for hearings they held on real estate.

Industry Associations and Albert's peers have consistently recognized his leadership with appointments to numerous committees at the local and State Associations of Realtors, including the prestigious Governmental Affairs committee in ten years running from 2001 to 2012. Albert was appointed Vice Chair in 2009, and Chair in 2010. He has also served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Albert emphasizes that "the recognition is nice, but we focus on our customers and what is important to them" to sustain the company's success.

In 2013, Albert was asked to be Chair of the Realtor Forms Committee, after being Vice Chair in 2012.  This committee works with regulators, attorneys, and other industry experts to "perfect" the structure and detail of real estate transactions through the standard forms used in nearly all residential real estate transactions.  The committee implements legislative and marketplace changes to real estate transactions, for the efficiency, effectiveness, and balance of transactional terms between buyers and sellers.  Albert also served on the Association Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

Albert Hepp has pioneered the real estate industry's transition to the web. In the 1990s, he was among the first to offer the ability to list a property through a website instead of meeting in person. BuySelf Realty's innovation with internet marketing was recognized in 2007 by the Realtor.com Online Marketing Award of Excellence.

Albert has also been a leader in community service, which he says “is the reason I work in real estate” because he can help his customers while he does community work. He spoke of a recent afternoon where he worked with “some people from the orphanage, but interrupted my volunteer work whenever a customer called with a question. We finished the work, and the orphanage staff was thrilled to be using our equipment and other resources.” His countless hours of volunteer work resulted in his election as President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, an organization dedicated to building leadership skills through community service. He has substantial accomplishments in leadership positions for causes as diverse as:

  • Minority collegiate scholarships,
  • Christian Organizations helping street children and orphans in Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico,
  • AIDS treatment charities,
  • The Park Avenue Youth and Family Services Summer Program for urban youth,
  • Junior Achievement, and
  • Cornerstone Ministries for Christian Outreach and Support to the economically disadvantaged.

The entire BuySelf Realty service team and Albert pride themselves on their involvement with their customers. Albert emphasizes the team’s focus on answering the telephones live and answering emails within an hour if not minutes “People today don’t want to leave a voicemail, so we answer our phones live and take care of the question immediately. They don’t want to wait and be called back, and we pride ourselves on being responsive.”

Albert started in real estate in 1989, received his Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate and Accounting from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He later earned his Masters of Business Administration from the Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Albert also graduated from Saint Johns Jesuit High School in Toledo, OH.